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Chrysanthe Frangos '25

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Chrysanthe Frangos

Chrysanthe is a sophomore majoring in Earth Systems on the Biosphere Track with plans to coterm in Biology. As the president of Stanford SEEDS, she creates curriculum and teaches community members and students about ecology and environmental science. This year, Chrysanthe organized a trip for Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership to Jasper Ridge and  went to Redwood High School to teach about plant anatomy and Jasper Ridge geology. Last summer, Chrysanthe was awarded the Public Service Projects Fellowship by Stanford Haas Center to volunteer at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where she created an educational scavenger hunt visitors  while leading daily educational programs. At Stanford, Chrysanthe is also involved in the Alpha Phi sorority, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and the Dirzo Lab, where she is conducting research investigating oak tree regeneration.