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Lilla Petruska (B.S. '22)

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March 16, 2021

Lilla is a coterm in the Earth Systems M.S. program studying sustainable energy and urban systems, and holds a B.S. in Earth Systems (Human Environmental Systems track). Her interests encompass climate policy analysis, environmental design, and data visualization. During her time Stanford, she has served as a student advisor for the Earth Systems program, a community manager in a cooperative house, and held research positions with the Sustainable Cities Initiative, Bill Lane Center for the American West, and the Steyer-Taylor Center’s Climate of Infrastructure Project. She has TA’d classes in environmental economics and history, landscape architecture, and environmental governance for sea-level rise mitigation. Outside of Stanford, she currently works as a Planning Intern at Kounkuey Design Initiative researching mobility in Los Angeles and volunteers as a Data Strategy Fellow with Climate Cabinet assisting projects with data management.

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