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Mariaesther Diaz (B.S. '19)

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June 13, 2019

Mariaesther Diaz is a senior from San Diego, California, studying Earth Systems with a focus on Oceans and Climate. She has a passion for environmental justice and education, and she plans to put those these in motion next year as a bilingual elementary school teacher in San Jose. In the past, she has worked for nonprofits such as Marine Protected Area Watch, Heal the Bay, StartOrganic, and Wildcoast. For her capstone project, she created a children’s coloring book and lesson plan intended to teach preschool-age children about plastic pollution, giving them agency in the environment from an early age. Impressively, Mariaesther also taught herself American sign language! Mariaesther hopes to have enough spare time to become a yoga instructor, learn to cook, join a dance team, and continue to explore children's book writing. 

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