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How to declare Earth Systems

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Sign me up! I want to declare Earth Systems.

  1. Come in to the Earth Systems office (Y2E2 131) and talk with the Student Advisors, create a four-year-plan and get all of your questions answered.
  2. Talk to Student Services staff about fulfilling academic and internship requirements.
  3. Declare the major or minor in Axess.
  4. Get your picture taken for our photo wall.
  5. Schedule a meeting with Earth Systems Internship Director, Suki Hoagland PhD, to discuss the internship requirement. (Majors only)
  6. Do I need a major/minor advisor before declaring?  No. Once you declare Earth Systems, you will be assigned a "first-tier" advisor from someone in our leadership team. Your first-tier advisor will work with you to support selection of your Academic Advisor.

    You should select your Academic Advisor for the major by Winter quarter of your junior year. Once an Academic Advisor has been secured, please notify Student Services staff to get the Advisor added to your record. List of Academic Advisors can be found here: Academic Advisors. Hard copies of the list are available in the Earth Systems office.  Need more help?  Read more here:  approaching an Academic Advisor.

Select your academic advisor

View the academic advisors list for more information on recommended advisors.

I'm a junior/transfer. Can I still do Earth Systems?

Yes! Some of our majors only saw the light in their junior year, several of them after transferring. It is surprising how you really can fit it all in. Don't struggle with it alone - please come in and let one of us help you plan your time.