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Sadie Blancaflor (B.S. '22)

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November 19, 2020

Sadie is a junior majoring in Earth Systems on the Human Environmental Systems Track. She co-founded and currently directs Baole, an organization tackling sustainable food adoption from a cultural lens. Sadie also serves as the board co-chair of Power Shift Network, a national climate non-profit with over 90 youth-led network organizations. In the past, Sadie has farmed on frozen tundra in Alaska, over 400 miles from the nearest road system, worked as a stagiare at a Michelin-star restaurant focused on utilizing sustainably sourced local produce, and developed an internationally awarded plastic bioremediation model for the Baltimore Inner Harbor. During her spare time, Sadie can be found playing the mellophone in the Stanford Marching Band or SCUBA diving in Monterey (when not in a pandemic)! 

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